Smile Line reaches a new standard and introduces 8 different drivers compatible with the most popular dental implant systems on the market : (Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, 3i1, Camlog, SPI, Ankylos, Friadent)*. Every driver is available in two lengths: standard or extra-long. For an easy and immediate identification, each driver is color coded. In addition, the Station allows you to centralize all your drivers at the same place in your laboratory.

Depending on your demands, Implant Drivers are available in separate components so you can build your personal assortment and order the specific drivers you need. The complete set comprising all drivers ready mounted (standard length) plus one solid aluminium Station is another option.

Personalization – modularity. For the creation of your own personal drivers, ends can be ordered alone (i.e. without handle). You have the benefit, if you desire, to mount an individual driver on the precious wooden handles. Another available option is the Station constructed of black anodized aluminium.

*Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, 3i, Camlog, SPI, Ankylos, Friadent are all registered Trade Marks.

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Implant Drivers Station , complete set inclu.: 8 implant drivers (standard length) and one solid aluminum cube, nature anodized
Solid aluminum cube-station, nature anodized
Solid aluminum cube-station, black anodized

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4000-NOB driver end only
4010-NOB driver complete

4000-L-NOB driver end only, long
4010-L-NOB driver complete, long

4000-STR driver end only
4010-STR driver complete

4000-L-STR driver end only, long
4010-L-STR driver complete, long

4000-AST driver end only
4010-AST driver complete

4000-L-AST driver end only, long
4010-L-AST driver complete, long

4000-iii-HX driver end only
4010-iii-HX driver complete

4000-L-iii-HX driver end only, long
4010-L-iii-HX driver complete, long

4000-CAM driver end only
4010-CAM driver complete

4000-L-CAM driver end only, long
4010-L-CAM driver complete, long

4000-ANK driver end only
4010-ANK driver complete

4000-L-ANK driver end only, long
4010-L-ANK driver complete, long

4000-FRI driver end only
4010-FRI driver complete

4000-L-FRI driver end only, long
4010-L-FRI driver complete, long

4000-SPI driver end only
4010-SPI driver complete

4000-L-SPI driver end only, long
4010-L-SPI driver complete, long

4000-iii-SQ driver end only
4010-iii-SQ driver complete

4000-L-iii-SQ driver end only, long
4010-L-iii-SQ driver complete, long

4000-1.4 driver end only
4010-1.4 driver complete
This module exists also in 2.5mm

4000-L-1.4 driver end only, long
4010-L-1.4 driver complete, long
This module exists also in 2.5mm

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