Pilot Lab



Since the beginning of the Smile Line adventure, Jan Kaech has been a part of our surroundings and we would like to thank him warmly for all his precious help. A ceramist based in Thoune, Switzerland; Jan has validated prior to launch all products thought by Smile Line and pictured in the present website. Gifted with outstanding technical skills, exacting and hard to please, Jan is unceasingly looking for rationalization, for “how to be better and faster”. Before the launch of a new product to the market, Jan Kaech is our certainty that Smile Line offers a real plus to the end user.



"Besides all creative and exciting aspects during the development of new products or techniques, my cooperation with Smile Line offers me a fascinating different angle of view of our dental world: the one of the industry. Smile Line’s philosophy matches the one implemented in my lab : offering more than what is expected. This is on my opinion the best warranty for a long term success." Jan Kaech