A superior quality, a unique style, an exclusive feel… there are plenty of reasons to purchase an object from Smile Line.

Still, these three arguments don’t explain by themselves the growing success of the brand.

At the beginning of any project, there is a necessary quality that is owned by every human being: the sense of possible – in other words a mix of dream, extravagance and enthusiasm.

Once the process of creation is on track, it is necessary to agree – at every new step – on reconsidering the acquired knowledge and certainties, to imagine new ways to explore and to have sometimes an unconstrained view of things.

Smile Line is lucky to be a “human size” company – this allows us to keep our ears and eyes open and to show much flexibility in our daily decisions or other choices at short and medium term.

Finally, our most impressive success today – and which is also of the highest importance for us – are our numerous clients, always happy and enthusiastic!

Olivier Schaeren – CEO

Smile Line SA